Katharina G. Austria

My husband and I visited Panama City Beach in June, and we had a great experience. We are from Florida and have been to many, many beaches. Panama ..

Isabelle V. Belgium

Absolutely soft, white sand and crystal clean waters. What more could you ask for? I went in February, and there was no spring break crowd yet ..

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Panama City Beach is an undiscovered gem

Panama City Beach is an undiscovered gem
Due to its somewhat isolated location far from the popular tourist attractions of south and central Florida, Panama City has remained relatively unspoiled by the tourist crowds. The beachfront is not dominated by an unbroken wall of high-rise tourist hotels, and there is still plenty of public access to its beautiful beaches.
You can actually find affordable lodging in small hotels and motels right on the beach. There are a small number of exclusive high-rise condominiums along the beach and several more are under construction. Evidently, people are beginning to discover the unique charms of Panama City Beach, so it may not remain unspoiled much longer.

Saint Andrew Park is situated at the eastern tip of Panama City Beach across the bay from Panama City. This 1260-acre park contains natural coastal dunes, wetlands, forests and a large undeveloped island. The entry fee is $2 per person or $4 per car. It offers swimming at its beautiful white-sand beaches, fishing from its jetties and piers, camping, hiking and boating. A shuttle service will take you to nearby Shell Island for a modest fare.

Panama City Beach extends westward from St. Andrew Park for at least twenty miles until it changes its name to Laguna Beach. The eastern half of Panama City Beach is characterized by classy condominiums, upscale vacation rentals, restaurants, gift shops, golf courses and restaurants. The western part of the beach becomes more "honky tonk" with budget motels, modest vacation rental homes, amusement arcades, tourist attractions, souvenir shops, convenience stores and fast food establishments. Laguna Beach becomes more residential with many private homes and vacation rental units.

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